It is an open secret that  eCommerce is booming business lately, and this business will continue on track to grow further. eCommerce is very dependent upon user expectations, trends and new technologies. If your eCommerce web site is poorly designed and does not correspond to the customer expectation, then this business is subjected to significant failure. Conversion to sales would be low and profit margin would be adversely affected.

One of the important trends in eCommerce style is seamless user experiences. Fundamental to all design aspects of a website and the most important criteria for consideration for an eCommerce site.

Responsiveness of the web design is critical as Google has eliminated sites that are none responsive from their mobile searches. A big potential traffic source are removed if your web design is not responsive.

Google’s Material Design with its bold typography and vibrant colors will be trending and form the cornerstone for web design in 2016. And one of the most important reason for this lies with card style layout. Cards like layout is gaining traction due to its appeal to seamless user interface and modern looking design.

Next, big photo would catch on as product images get blown up to bigger sizes so that engagement rate would increase. Everyone loves pictures thus it make sense for bigger product images. In terms of menu wise, hamburger styled menu whereby most menu functions are consolidated within a single button similar to an app layout would become important as more and more visitors crazes for a simple user interface.