This is a strategy highly suitable for newbies who are struggling to earn money online. If you are struggling on the Internet to earn a decent income then this method would be highly suitable for you.

First buy some domains in the niche that you are going to target. You can use CPA offers to monetize for this method. By targeting a specific niche, you ensure that you are receiving highly targeted traffic. Use associated keywords for the domain that are associated with the offers as this will help with the click through rate when you post the offer on Facebook. Example,  free burger, try to get a domain

Next set up the domains with content and images. Images are important as they show up in a FB post usually and the first paragraph of content has to be a little compelling as Facebook will post a snippet of your content. It is suggested that we should have around 400 words on a landing page with images that relates to the offer and a call to action button. The landing page will be extremely important for this method to work so put in some efforts for a good landing page design.

Below is a video guide on how to design a high converting landing page.

Write up 20 different version of landing page content for posting. Posting just the url is lazy for starters and not a presell and you need to presell this to get the most out of your posting on FB. Spend some time to do this right.

Share this landing page and the url in each post rotating the heading topics so that there is no duplicated heading and look less spammy to Facebook and potential audience. If you want to have a high click through, your contents have to be less spammy.

Using a single Facebook account post to 50 different groups 3 times a day – First thing in the AM, around noon or so and near the end of my work day about 5:00 PM or so. Do this manually, do not attempt to use a bot. Use Socialbakers to research highly populated Facebook pages as well as massplanner for Facebook groups.

The video below will teach you how to find large groups on Facebook.